Aurora Innovations - Roots Organics Cocopalms, 1.5 cu ft

Article number: ROCP315D
Quantity: 21

Roots Organics Cocopalms is the result of years of research into what makes the best coco growing medium. Using only the most premium-quality freshwater-washed and age-cured, low-EC coir from specific global sources processed and naturally buffered in the United States, Roots Organics Cocoplams has a near-perfect natural pH level (5.2 to 6.3) for optimal nutrient uptake and has a superb air-to-water ratio making it an ideal material for growth. It has been specially designed with a natural buffer to make it more user friendly when used straight or in higher percentages of a medium as an amendment. Roots Organics Cocoplams is made from coconut husk, a more environmentally friendly material compared to peat which is mined from sensitive bogs. The deliberately enhanced ratio of fiber to dust is calculated specifically as the ultimate growing medium for vigorous plants. Use it as an amendment, mulch, incorporate into the perfect hydro medium or plant straight into it for the right applications.

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