Growers Edge - Grower's Edge High Stakes Commercial Grade Inverted Tomato Cage - 4 Ring - 62 in

Grower's Edgeᆴ High Stakesᆴ Inverted Heavy Duty Tomato Cages are great for supporting tomatoメs, climbing plants and top heavy foliar plants. These tomato cages are constructed of heavy duty galvanized steel that will last for many seasons. The inverted cages are wider at the base and narrow at the top which provides more stability as compared to traditional cages. The benefit is the cage wonメt topple over in high winds or severe weather. Stackable for off season storage. Wire thickness is 3 gauge (1/4 in) (0.25 in). Each cage is designed with 4 rings and 4 supporting legs. Proudly Made in the USA.

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