CYCO - CYCO Uptake, L

Article number: CU433
Quantity: 4

CYCO Uptake promotes increased cation exchange capacity and nutrient availability, as well as enhanced mineral and trace element balance. It also aids plant cells in excreting waste products, which promotes overall health.

Charles Parato 02-03-2020 12:27

Great product....used during the entire grow cycle.....the Humic Acid really helps the plants during all phases of growth...but along with added magnesium from SWELL, Uptake really boosts bud production...I'M A NEW GROWER AND CYCO HAS NOT BURNED OR CAUSED A SINGLE DEFICIENCY.....plants look perfect...AND IM USING FULL RECOMENDED FROM CYCO FEEDING SCHEDULE.....yeah 1400+- ppm's also using Kleanse..CYCO has produced two very nice harvests of excellent quality fruit...

5 stars based on 1 reviews